we work to build safer and sustainable cities

Both orienting intervention on existing urban tissue as well as on new developements in order to guarantee them an appropriate level of sustainability from a security point of view. Along more than 20 years of life, LabQUS has expanded its activities ranging from research and practice...

+ 20 years of experience

Areas of Action

The Lab came into being in an academic environment that was inextricably linked to the professional world. Its set up has allowed it to complement more specifically...


LabQUS came into being within the Politecnico di Milano and has never abandoned its spirit as a scientific research laboratory: it has promoted various...

Consultancy, planning, localised support

LabQUS is able to provide substantial support to the different players involved in the design of space. This ranges from out-and-out planning to on-the-spot support with planners and...


For over 20 years LabQUS has been spreading the principles of environmental security through its educational and training work on different levels. The backbone of this work...

Our History
La nostra Storia

Our History

LabQUS - Laboratorio Qualità Urbana e Sicurezza (“Laboratory for Urban Quality and Security”) came to life at the end of the Nineties out of Clara Cardia’s desire to bring to Italy and Europe the debate on the relationship between the space’s shape and people’s and things’ safety....

Our Philosophy
La nostra filosofia

Our Philosophy

Although 20 years have passed since the beginning of LabQUS, many of Clara Cardia’s theories are still being taken up, more or less correctly and knowledgeably, often as if they were the latest news. It shows how innovative the process of building a new approach to the subject of urban security – begun in the Nineties by LabQUS – was and still is....

The LabQUS Method
Metodo Labqus

The LabQUS Method

The assessment is useful for orientating both the planning and the action on existing portions of the city. It is built up starting off from information of a qualitative and quantitative nature that is formulated from judgements of specifically trained professionals supported by modelling tools...

The European Standard

The European Standard

The European norm UNI/CEN TR 14383-2 for “anticrime” urban planning, developed under the strong influence and with the direct commitment of LabQUS whose methodology was deployed.....

Meet professional team.

Our team

Umberto Nicolini

Umberto Nicolini Architect and planner

Born in Milano in the middle of the Seventies, Umberto is an architect who has chosen Urban Design and Planning as a study object...

Chiara Simonetti

Chiara Simonetti Architect and planner

LabQUS Partners


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