For over 20 years LabQUS has been spreading the principles of environmental security through its educational and training work on different levels. The backbone of this work is the numerous courses held in several european universities. These include theoretical courses focused on the analysis of the discipline’s evolution and the understanding of its main theories, and practical workshops - Labs - in Urban Planning. The Lab’s great boast is that it has given generations of new architects and planners the tools needed to be able to include the aspects of environmental security in their work for our cities.

Some of the many outstanding events in the professional and post-graduate education activities are: cycles of educational events aimed at local police forces, commissioned by the Inter-regional Local Police School; modules at the ETM Master (Economics and Tourism Management) at the MET Academy; training days for managers and technicians in local bodies at specific events organised by various municipalities and provinces; a now long-running collaboration with the “Scuola Internazionale Etica&Sicurezza Milano-L’Aquila”, a management school.

The spread of the material and its theoretical, applied and regulatory principles are also constantly implemented through regular attendance at conventions, workshops and meetings.


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