LabQUS considers the constant comparison of the most advanced theories with their practical application to be indispensable.

That’s why the Lab, even from the very first years of its work, has launched operations that are highly different from one another in the setting of urban security.

LabQUS is able to provide substantial support to the different players involved in the design of space. This ranges from out-and-out planning to on-the-spot support with planners and technicians - who, very often, get a hint of the potential of implementing criteria for crime prevention and reduction of fear in their projects without having the expertise to really do so. It goes as far as direct consultancy, also with public bodies, in the evaluation of vulnerabilities and the study of counter-measures.

In addition, LabQUS’ long experience in the field of integrated security policies makes it able to support people and institutions working in urban contexts with the setting up of working boards and operational groups in order to apply real Security 2.0 experiences in the area.


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