Born in Milano in the middle of the Seventies, Umberto is an architect who has chosen Urban Design and Planning as a study object, then a profession and more in general as a life path.
During his training years, he had the lucky to meet prof. Clara Cardia - at that time professor of Planning and Design - with whom he took part in several projects on Urban safety and quality of life. He also participated to the foundation of LabQUS.
Currently he combines his activitiy as a professional real estate and property manager togheter with the profession of architect and planner oriented to design for security, dedicatign to this last topic an intense activity of research, practice and training.
Engaged since the very beginning in implementing Environmental crime prevention as an institutional tool in planning policies, Umberto has recently promoted and chaired the Europan Program COST TU1203 *Crime Prevention Through Urban Design and Planning", as well as many other related projects.


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